Thursday, February 28, 2008

March Performance Art Madness

Looking at my schedule, there are all sorts of great performances and events coming up in March!

March 1 Transgiving. It's their annual Valentine-ish/Love show (ok, last year it was a sex show, but it rocked!) I have no idea who's performing, but it should be worth checking out. This one seems to involve friends/loved ones/allies performing - I hope it's good.

March 4 Karen Tongson will be hosting a Listening Party at LACE (curated by Josh Kun)

March 5 Holly Hughes performs a "Sapphic Sampler Platter" at the REDCAT

March 6: EASTSIDE STORIES: Queer Latino/a Art and Activism in East L.A..The Butchlalis, Luis Alfaro, and Hector Silva in conversation at USC. Sadly, I won't be able to make this one because I teach Thurs. 'til 6 and the event starts at 6:30.

March 8 and 9 Nao Bustamante will be one of the artists presenting at the REDCAT Open Studio

March 13 Adelina Anthony will be performing Mastering Sex and Tortillas at USC. I've seen this show or parts of it 3 times now, and yet I'm seriously considering going again.

March 15 Katastrophe and Jenna Riot as the Ice Cream Socialites performing in Long Beach.

Oh, and Sweeney Todd at the Ahmanson and Culture Clash's Culture Clash in AmeriCCa at South Coast Rep.

And I've marked my calendar for the butchlalis' The Barber of East LA April 11 and 12

Random discovery

You know what I learned today? Harry Dodge is surprisingly cute in person. Not that ze isn't great and charming in By Hook or By Crook, but ze is delightfully handsome in real life.

Friday, February 01, 2008

What's a girl to do?

What do you do when a friend writes to say that there's a fabulous queer femme performance artist you don't know about who wants to perform in LA?

It's so frustrating to me that after 4 years in LA, I have no way to make a performance happen when the opportunity arises. While I don't want to spend my life as an event planner (I can't handle the stress), I want to have the time and access to be able to point cool queer performance artists to cool queer venues to do their thing. I want there to be theaters (or bars, or coffee houses) that will open their doors on off hours or off days to random performance artists. And I just don't know who or where these things are. I don't know who to talk to to make a show happen.

It seems like it's been a while since I've been to a night of queer femme performance. Certainly LA must be due for such a thing. But the who and the when and the where are so hard to make happen. I know perfectly well that if I wait for someone else to organize the events I want to see, they'll never happen, but I'm far too far behind on my school work to take on anything else. Who out there is doing this kind of work? It's so frustrating that I can think of events and locations and organizations appropriate to this kind of thing in San Francisco, and yet in LA, I'm drawing a blank.